ANANT Law Firm is a leadingΒ full-service law firm operating in Cambodia.Β 

ANANT β€˜αž’αž“αž“αŸ’αžβ€™ (a’nan or anant) is a term derived from Sanskrit meaning limitless, infinite. This concept is deeply rooted in Khmer culture.

ANANT Law Firm was established by four Partners, Sophealeak Ing, Antoine Fontaine, Tongkin Huoy and Ratana Nem. Our success and reputation were built up over the years. We have a clear understanding of business culture and a firm grasp of the Cambodian sophisticated context. We are committed to deliver high value-added and innovative legal solutions. In particular, Sophealeak Ing and Antoine Fontaine are ranked as top individual lawyers in Cambodia in Chambers & Partners and IFRL1000.

Our team is dedicated to specific practice areas and specialized in industry sectors. We profoundly believe that β€œTogether We Can Deliver New Possibilities.”